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Brooklyn Bridge Proposal

July 3, 2023

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Proposal at Brooklyn Bridge Park

If you want a beautiful proposal, than look no further than proposing at Brooklyn Bridge Park, having the Brooklyn Bridge in the Background. There’s charm like no other just look how beautifully captured Dave & Ashlie’s Proposal came out!

Proposal in Brooklyn Bridge Park. David Proposes w/ the Brooklyn Bridge in view.
Black & White Photo of a couple right after a successful proposal in Brooklyn Bridge Park - Captured by Corey Lamar Photography
Proposal at Brooklyn Bridge Park w/ the Brooklyn Bridge in the background

Brooklyn Bridge Park – A perfect setting for a beautiful Proposal

There’s something enticing and romantically beautiful about having your proposal at Brooklyn Bridge Park. You’re never short beautiful backdrop, making it more of a memorable Proposal to revisit time and time again.

Endearing Kiss given on the cheek, a loving couple is depicted within the image.  Foliage is used in front of the camera lens to create a beautiful effect.
Couple stand tenderly holding each other along the water, in view you can see the Brooklyn Bridge as well as a portion of the NYC skyline

Make Your Proposal Unforgettable!

Creating something beautiful takes proper time and planning, adding to the mix your proposal it can get stressful. As a brooklyn proposal photographer I’m here to make your life easier and your moment unforgettable. Your love story is uniquely you, special for you and your mate and is something that shouldn’t be missed. Having a Professional Photographer for your proposal means that you can focus on what’s truly important your proposal!! You can have the fullest confidence that every care and detail every emotion and reaction will be captured, just leave that to me. These aren’t just snapshots, they’re a visual retelling of you’re epic, amazing and beautiful love story.

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