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How to Plan a Marriage Proposal

November 19, 2022

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Planning a proposal is one of the most exciting moments in a person’s life. You’ve met your perfect person, and it’s time to ask the question that will change the rest of your life — “Will you marry me?” You might be wondering how to make your proposal as personal and romantic as possible. How can you create a magical proposal that your soon-to-be-fiancé will love? How will you make sure they are dressed up without giving away the surprise? Should you include friends and family? I know this can all seem a little overwhelming, so I’m here to help. As a proposal photographer who has had a first row seat to many successful proposals, I have answers to your questions! But first, a few words of advice for anyone planning a proposal…

Give yourself plenty of time to plan your proposal.

Don’t make the common mistake of planning your proposal at the last minute. If you wait to do everything in a short time frame, you will needlessly increase your stress level and may not be able to arrange all the special things you had in mind. Carefully consider how much time you will need to make this a memorable proposal for each of you. Make a list of your ideas, and note when you need to handle each one. If, for example, you want to propose with a ring, be sure you order it in plenty of time. If you want flowers, a personalized proposal ring box, champagne, etc., find out when you need to place orders, and make these purchases without having to rush! You will have less stress and more confidence as you propose marriage to your true love.

Plan out the little details without getting lost in them.

Now that you have chosen the elements you will include in your marriage proposal, I have a word of caution. At the end of the day, your proposal is NOT about the minutiae! It is about asking the love of your life to spend forever with you. There are so many details in the planning process that you can obsess over and lose sight of what really matters. It’s now time to take a deep breath, and reflect on all of the little things you love about your significant other. This person is the love of your life, so focus more on the sentimental things in your relationship. The best proposals I’ve witnessed haven’t been the most extravagant — they’ve been the most personal.

Hire a proposal photographer.

You will want high-quality images of your proposal, whether it’s immediately or five to ten years down the road. There’s no question about it. Your significant other DEFINITELY wants you to hire a proposal photographer. Even if you want to propose in a romantic, intimate setting, the right photographer is able to capture these moments without being intrusive. Just trust me on this one! I’ve yet to meet a couple who regrets hiring a proposal photographer, but I have met several who regret NOT hiring a wedding proposal photographer! 

proposal photographer

You might be wondering…

Should I include friends and family? If so, how many people?

Your relationship might have begun when a mutual friend introduced the two of you! Maybe your parents have been a special part of your relationship. You will want to consider these things before you decide whom to include; that is, if you decide you would like to include anyone in addition to the two of you. The moment can quickly lose its intimacy if too many people are present; also, it will be much harder to keep the proposal a surprise if too many people know your plans! While you may choose to include others who are an integral part of your relationship, you are not obligated to invite every family member or friend.

If you choose to include loved ones, you could have family and friends come out from around the corner and congratulate you both as the newly engaged couple right after your s/o says “Yes!” Or you could have a dinner after an intimate proposal where you could include more friends and family.

should i invite family to the proposal?

How do I make sure my significant other is dressed up for the proposal without ruining the surprise? 

This is crucial because 90% of women do not want to be proposed to in everyday clothes! You will need to make sure you find a way for them to be dressed up with their hair/makeup/nails done without giving away your plans. One way you could do this is by pretending you’re just having a nice date night. That way, looking your best will not raise any suspicions, and your love will want to look their best also. You could have a friend or family member invite them ahead of time for manicures. Be creative and elicit help! Just make sure your significant other will be confident in how they look for this momentous occasion. 

How can I make sure she is dressed up for proposal without ruining it?

How can I make the proposal more meaningful?

Small, personal details help create a meaningful marriage proposal. Here is one marriage proposal that I will never forget: One gentleman rented an art gallery for a couple of hours and placed knick-knacks, photo prints, and notes – all integral parts of their relationship – throughout the gallery. As the gallery tour came to an end, he dropped to one knee and asked the much anticipated question! This private, quiet proposal will be treasured forever. You could make your proposal more meaningful by choosing a special location, including photos or souvenirs of relationship milestones, or even playing your favorite song to dance to. The key to a meaningful proposal is knowing what’s important to you both as a couple and then including that into your marriage proposal.

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